We Are Going to Everest!


27 March-10 June 2006

We are going to the highest POINT!

During April-June 2006, a team of 11 climbers from Turkey is going to organize an expedition to the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. This climb has more than one important aspect for our country. With this climb:

  • The first team climb from Turkey that is going to be named with the name of the country,
  • The first female ascent to the highest point in the world from Turkey,
  • The first climb from Turkey that is going to be made without the help of supplemental oxygen 

are aimed to be achieved.

Turkey Everest Team is comprised of mountaineers from Turkey successful in high altitude climbing. This team embraces 6 of 9 climbers from Turkey that climbed over 8000 meters. Two of these climbers are the first female athletes that climbed a 8000er from Turkey.

The Everest ascent is going to take place in Katmandu - Nepal and Tibet between 27th of March and 10th of June. However, the team has started the preparations months before. The preparation stage includes preparatory climbs done in the mountains of Turkey, city trainings, performance tests and introductory work to publicize the project. This important event in the Turkish mountaineering history is going to be documented from the beginning to the end, this event presents amazing visual opportunities.

Turkey Everest Ascent Team is planning to climb the mountain from the Northeast Ridge. The organization on the Nepalese side is handled by Arun Expeditions.

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