Haldun Bora, Burcak, Mustafa, Suna, Meltem Soner
Serkan Elif
15th May
24th May - Photo: Serhan Pocan
15th May
Panoramic view from the top of the Everest, 24th May - Photo: Mustafa Cihan
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April 17th, 2006
Advanced base camp.
Photo: Mustafa Cihan
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April 20th, 2006
Advanced Base Camp,

ImageToday the weather broke, around noon the tents became like saunas! Bora, Soner, Dawa, Sherap and Dorje Sherpas made use of this oppourtunity by climbing up the little glacier walls with axe and crampon. The rest of the team enjoyed the heat in the tents. In the afternoon, when the sun went away everything turned back to its previous state. According to the information we received, it is going to snow for another several days.

ImageWe are waiting for the weather to break, a classic of Everest climbs. The date to ascend to 7000 meters depends on the weather conditions, we are waiting at our camp at 6400 meters. From time to time we are entertaining guests, from time to time we withdraw into our tents and read books. Backgammon, sudoku and logic puzzles are the most popular freetime activities, and of course after our meals to enhance our breathing we play the game of finding a song beginning with a certain word a lot. The sherpas, the cooks and Pepe are a bit suffering from this, but what can we do!


April 19th, 2006

Today's dispatch is from a Brazilian friend that we met at the advanced base camp:

"I am really happy being here at Everest ABC again. Waiting for good weather for me is a mind exercise! I’d like to go to other mountain, like Cho Oyo, to acclimatize and then get here just to the summit bid but the money was impeditive.

I like to think Everest as being Chomolungma, the goddess of the universe, as Tibetans say. This is a huge mountain and we need to respect it a lot and the environment.

These snowy days could be boring if we don’t fight against it. We can play, talk and meet people like your group, so nice and friendly. In a two-hour meeting we can share a lot of culture, way of lives, climbing trips. We learn a lot in suck situations. So thank you for receiving us so well and I wish you good time and success on this expedition.

Rodrigo Raineri - Brazil"

April 18th, 2006
Advanced Base Camp

Finally the weather broke down! It is snowing since yesterday night. Snow is added on to our ongoing struggle with the altitude. This situation effects our climbing plans, too, naturally. For the next stage, which is climbing the Northern col at 7000 meters, we’ll have to wait for the snowfall to stop and then for the accumulated snow to settle down. Actually our hasn’t changed much. We were planning to spend several days at this camp, this period has increased a bit.

Our days here are becoming quite routine. Besides to eating, drinking and sleeping we are busy with arranging the camping site. And of course, we have duties as setting up the energy systems, keeping the computers running and preparing the stuff to be send for the website. As our connection credits are limited we first download the messages that arrived to our website and we read them in a bulk. Part of our table chats consists of these messages, and the rest are our ‘blue voyage’* plans!

*A famous type of holiday in Turkey where you spend 2 or 3 weeks on  a boat  going from one bay to another on the Eagen coast of Turkey.

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