Haldun Bora, Burcak, Mustafa, Suna, Meltem Soner
Serkan Elif
15th May
24th May - Photo: Serhan Pocan
15th May
Panoramic view from the top of the Everest, 24th May - Photo: Mustafa Cihan
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May 24th, 2006

Advanced Base Camp

Hurray, now it’s my turn to get happy, because the team has come back to the camp safely. I couldn’t get happy while reading your congratulation, happiness messages out of stress. But now, for the first time after a long time, I cried out of happiness, when welcoming our friends.  

The team has reached Camp 1, the North Col. Their speed is very good, we expect them to reach the Advanced Base Camp in several hours. In a while, Elif and Soner will leave to escort the team.

The team is past Camp 2, they’re continuing their descend. They’re moving together, they’re in a very good condition. The weather is clear and quite, but there are clouds in patches.

The whole team has arrived at Camp 3. They started their descend after resting here shortly. The plan is to continue the descend until the advanced base camp today. However, the weather conditions and their tiredness will determine it. The weather is clear and quite but it started to get cloudy in patches. 

Our team made the peak! All of the team members with 3 Sherpas have reached the summit by the time of 5AM. Now, we are waiting for them to return safely. It is too early to be happy. We are deliberate yet. We will try to inform you, as our friends, descent to lower camps. The weather is clear and calm.

Hakan Kocakulak

May 23rd, 2006

Advanced Base Camp

The team started to climb for the summit around 21:15. We'll try to inform you as there is any progress. I wish strength to our team and to us.

What is it that stays on the branch but not in the hand: A bird?

The team has reached to the camp 3 by the time of 3PM. They are planning to depart for the summit at 9PM in the evening. Until this time, they will try to gain the fluid that they have lost and will rest. The weather is clear however there is wind. According to the weather reports the wind will decrease its power tonight and tomorrow morning. I hope the weather would come true as is forecasted.

Hakan Kocakulak

May 22nd, 2006
Advanced Base Camp

The team departed for camp 2 this morning, around 10AM. A while ago, around 6PM we had a talk with them via walkie-talkie. Their voices were very thick and strong.  They arrived to camp 2 as the whole team. They are resting for tomorrow because tomorrow will be a long day. They will first go to the camp 3 at 8300 meters and then will start to climb for the summit.

Two of the sherpas went with the team yesterday, today we sent two more sherpas. The group went before checked the oxygen bottles that were above. Of course, they were stolen. So, this morning, we walked around the camps, bought oxygen bottles and sent them with the sherpas went today.

Towards the ends of the expedition, the food is getting worse. However, Elif made our chief to cook a roasted meat with egg for the lunch. We almost ate the plates. We are longing for the food of Turkey. All the conversations are somehow ending with food stories and recipes.

May 21st, 2006
Advanced Base Camp

Our team of 6 people, Serhan, Burçak, Meltem, Suna, Mustafa and Bora has departed for the North Col for the second and the last trial, this morning. Soner, Elif, Mustafa (Temiztaş) and I gave our friends a hug and saw them off. We learned that they arrived to the camp following the conversation we had via walkie-talkie towards the evening. They are now resting at the camp and preparing for tomorrow. They will depart for the camp 2 at 7800 meters tomorrow morning at 8AM.

Hakan Kocakulak

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