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The team as a whole has started the preparations months before the Everest climb. An intense training program that is going to last for 16 weeks is the most important part of these preparations. The raining program that takes place on 6 days of the week and is especially planned to improve the team members’ aerobic capacity, endurance and strength, is addressed to meet demands of high altitude mountaineering. Beside this training program, the team members are subject to performance tests to monitor their physical condition.

Besides the training program that takes place in the city, the Everest team is continuing the preparations in the mountain also. With the help of the training climbs that take place on the mountains of Turkey, the training program comes to integrity. The training climbs that are going to take place in 2006 are as follows:

January 8-15
Mt. Ararat Ascent - Igdir
February 8-12
Kizlarsivrisi Ascent - Antalya
February 24-26
Uludag Ascent - Bursa
March 4-10
Mt. Ararat Ascent - Igdir

The Climb
After months of heavy preparation the team is going to depart from Turkey for Katmandu Nepal on March 27th.

Nepal- Katmandu
After we depart from Istanbul we are going to spend a few days in the capital of Nepal, Katmandu. Within this time, while we are dealing with some official transactions and finalizing the equipment needs, we will find some time to make short tours in the beauties of Katmandu.

Everest North Base Camp
After the days we spend in Katmandu, the Tibetian border will be passed, and we will go to Nyalam at altitude 3750 meters via Zhangmu at altitude 2350 meters. With the 1400 meters altitude gained we will pass beyond the limit of human’s normal living environment and we will spend one night in this village to adapt to this altitude. We plan to fasten our acclimatization by spending this extra day we spend in Nyalam with light activities like walking. The other day we will depart to Tingri at an altitude of 4200 meters with our vehicles. During this journey Everest will reveal itself to us for the first time. Again we will spend a day here for acclimatization and will depart for the base camp which is at 5200 meters altitude the other day. The same day we will arrive at the base camp which will be the home for hundreds of climbers for two months.

Climbing Days
During the two months we stay in the base camp at the north side of Mt. Everest we will make ascents on the mountain on several occasions. We will leave the base camp or the advanced base camp for several ascents of duration. Sometimes 3 days, sometimes 5-6 days for both adapting to the altitude and carrying loads to the higher camps. We will make our climb from the northeast ridge following the Rongbuk Glacier. Before we reach the summit we will establish 5 camps which are Intermediate Camp (6000 m), Advanced Base Camp (ABC) (6500 m), Camp 1 (7000 m), Camp 2 (7700 m), Camp 3 (8200 m).

When an enough quantity of supplies are carried to the higher camps, and more important than that, when an enough level of adaptation to altitude happens, we will start planning the summit bid. We will wait for the appropriate weather and make the final push.

The Return
After all the intense work, if the weather conditions, more important than that if Everest itself allows, we will reach the summit. Despite all the efforts, there is always the possibility of not making the summit; our main aim is to complete this difficult task without abandoning our team climb and security principles. All the teams at the mountain have to leave the mountain at the time determined, their permits and the monsoon. All these endeavors have to come to an end at this time and the return will start.

We will follow the route we took on our approach to the mountain. We hope to share the exuberance with friends of ours’ that will come to welcome our return when we are about to leave the highest region on earth.

Day by day climbing program
March 28
Arrival to Katmandu
March 29 Expedition preparation
March 30 Expedition preparation
March 31
Expedition preparation
April 1
Passing the Tibetian border and going to Nyalam (3750m)
April 2 Acclimatization at Nyalam
April 3 Going to Tingri (4200m)
April 4
Acclimatization at Tingri
April 5
Going to Base camp (5200m)
April 6 /
June 4
Acclimatization climbs and then finally the summit attempt for 60 days
June 5
Return to BC
June 6
Return to Nyalam/Zangmu
June 7
Return to Katmandu
June 8
Preparing to return in Katmandu
June 9
Return to Turkey
June 10
Arrival in İstanbul

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