May 28th, 2006

Base Camp 

We abandoned the advanced base camp, which has been our home for weeks, and we went down to the base camp at 5200 meters. There weren't many people left from other expeditions, either. Everybody is packing up and turning back, some having climbed up Chomolungma, some having reached very close to it and having turned back and some having left their friend to the mountain until infinity.

We too packed our stuff and went down two days ago. Honestly, we didn't miss it much. Maybe it's because we didn't want to face again the strain, the fatigue, the sadness we went through in the previous weeks. We are at the base camp, Chomolungma is much farther away, we can look at it more comfortably. We're here for another one or two days. We're expecting our friends from Turkey who are coming to meet us, they'll be coming today.

Today we made a technical evaluation of our climbs, we created altitude charts and went over our strategies.


The result: we saw that we followed a strategy that's not that bad. The altitude chart is not the same for the whole team of course. There are two summit teams and ones who spent several days at 4000 meters because of their sickness. Independent of this differentiation, we see that the team in general has followed a consistent ascending plan. The three of us who went up to 8600 meters and went back because of the accident, have topped 8500 meters two times! Namely, they made the summit at 8600 meters and made the Everest summit at 8850 meters one week later! By the way, the ascending strategy for the three people who couldn't join the first attempt and rested at low altitude was the most productive. Even though it wasn't intended, they had an opportunity to rest well, and were less effected showing a better performance.

Our technical evaluation of the climb won't be limited with that, certainly we'll go through it more deliberately. For now, as we are spending our last days at the base camp, these are the first conclusions.

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