May 25th, 2006
Advanced Base Camp

ImageDone. Yesterday the remaining six people made the summit and we attained our goals. We succeeded in organizing a team climb to Everest from Turkey for the first time and making the summit by the all of the team members. We achieved the first Turkish women's climb to the summit of the world, and we did this by four women reaching the summit. Most importantly, after completing these, despite being in strained and heavy physical acitivity for 2, 5 months, various problems, uncertainties, illnesses, and the heavy load of our responsibilities, we are still and again we're still a team and we're able to return alltogether as we came here.

We're not mentioning about our success so easily like not because we're bragging, we achieved this actually as a very big team together with you. During the preparation and adaptation period that lasted for days, the first summit attempt, the second summit attempt -despite its tension-, your support was with you. We're sure that Everest hasn't felt such a big team on it ever before.

Now it is time to pack up and descent to lower altitudes. We have a little more time left until our return to Turkey. Firstly, we are looking forward to come together with our friends who will meet us here, and then of course to meet the rest of the team back at home…

Until that time we will continue to send the daily news and pictures. However we would like to thank to the rest of the team who are behind our success, while it is still fresh in our minds.

Firstly, our main supporter Petrol Ofisi and our other supporters THANK YOU.

After that, we would like to introduce you the hidden characters that have hand in the Turkish Everest team becoming this big and to thank to them:

The labourers of the site, who made it possible for thousands of people to follow, Sertan Girgin, Elif Tülay Kuş, Selin Poçan, Volkan Koç;

The 2006 Turkish Everest Expedition Coordination Group, who carried out the relationship with our main supporter Petrol Ofisi, who communicated with the media, who continuously informed our families, and who made our job easier in many other issues and made this expedition to come true, Mete Hacaloğlu, Cem Baytok, Pınar Aydın, Ayhan Özel, Erdem Tuç;

The ones that we could call and ask advice frequently at any time, at any circumstance and at any subject and who never left us unanswered, Gürkan Özel and Dr. Betül Akbuğa;

The ones who provided medicine and medical equipment support to meet all of our needs, Emel Kocakulak, Mine Kurtay, Gül Aksoy;

The ones who made it possible for us to plan our climb with the daily weather reports, Dr. Öznur Oğuz Kuntasal, Prof. Gürdal Tuncel, The Numerical Estimation Director of Meteorological Service Fatih Büyükkasabbaşı and with his informing messages, Prof. Ahmet Cemal Saydam;

The one who has a great support in the provision and the continuity of our energy supplies, Vedat Gün;

Ankara Mountaineering City Agent who saved our team and the expedition from being disembodied and helped it to gain a national status, Mehmet Somuncu;

The one who played the mediator role for the university to accept the team composed of METU athletes and for it to include the expedition within the 50th anniversary activities of METU, Prof. Bilgehan Ögel;

The places that we worked in, which had significant importance in preparing for the climb, the ones who are working at the METU Sports Centre, the sports director Şahin Oğuz and the other employees;

The ones who helped us in the production of the head cameras which are the most important equipments for the documentary film, Hasan Gergin ve Erol Bey;

The one who provided the sound equipments which are again one of the indispensable equipments of the documentary film takes and who informed us about the sound techniques, İsmail Karadaş;

And certainly you, the owners of the webpage, who followed us day by day and who were always with us no matter what happened;

Thank to all of you, fortunately we have you, otherwise the Chomolungma would not give permission to us!

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