Kizilcahamam Camp
ImageOn February 4th and 5th we have established a training camp with the participation of the whole team. On this two day camp we have made a meeting that we have discussed the progress of the project. The responsibilities of every member in the team and the progresses in every headline is spoken in detail.

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Journey to Germany for Equipment
ImageThree members of our team spent three days in Munich Germany to purchase equipment . The equipment of the whole team is chosen to meet the requirements of high altitude. The equipment – from shoe to jacket -  that is going to be used during the climb is listed  one by one and purchased accordingly.
Introductory Studies
We are about to give start for the introductory studies for the Everest Climb from Turkey. Join to the team that is approaching to the roof of the world.
First we are at the highest point in Turkey!
ImageWe were on an ascent to Mt. Ararat on January 8-15 2006. We made to the 5137 m. summit of Mt. Ararat on 13th of January 2006, Friday with a team of 14 climbers .

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METU is going to be at Everest in its 50th anniversary
The MT. Everest climb of 11 climbers of from the METU Sports Club has taken its place in METU’s 50th year anniversary program.
Together we stand…
We have made labor division for the items that has be done before our departure on the 27th of March. Training planning, preparatory climbs, equipment selection and preparation, communication headline, audio-visual documentation equipment, the organization company in Nepal… Each responsible person for an item has been determined.
Special trainings for Everest has started…
We are preparing for a climb that is going to last for 75 days. We have started a 16 week special training program for high altitude mountaineering. We are studying with academicians of Hacettepe University about the details of our program and performance tests.
The team is complete!
The team that is going to participate in the 3 month climb has become definite. We are 11 persons including the camp manager: Serhan Poçan, Meltem Özmine, Bora Maviş, Burçak Özoğlu Poçan, Eylem Elif Maviş, Serkan Girgin, Suna Yılmaz, Soner Büyükatalay, Mustafa Cihan, Haldun Ülkenli ve Hakan Kocakulak.
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