World with Two Poles
After being reached, Everest’s peak had become a national target for many countries. In 1970’s it was very important to be the “first” and the “most” .During these years, a world with two poles had many influences on mountaineering.

There were important differences between, Western style having one man successes and legends, and Eastern style having team work. Those ascents did not look like the Western style having native sportsman working as guides, carriers, and employee. In the Eastern style the best of the team reaches the summit with collective work of the team.

1980 Polish Team
In 1979 Yugoslavian team made the first ascent of the Western Ridge. At 17 February 1980, this time Poland made the first winter ascent, with a powerful team in the leadership of Andrezj Zawada. In 1982 Soviet team of 11 mountaineers in the leadership of Yevgeni Tamm reached the summit without using native guides.  In this team Hristo Prodonov who had not used oxygen supply, during decent had lost his life during a sudden storm. Team ascent school of Soviet and East countries is still being performed by the others that do not become “famous stars”.
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