There Are Women: First Women Ascent and the Others
Junko Tabei
First woman to be seen on top of Everest is after 22 years of the first summit .At 15 May 1975 Junko Tabei and Sherpa Ang Tsering from the Japanese expedition in the leadership of Eiko Hisano, reached the summit.

There was an interesting debate about the women ascents. 10 days after Tabei reached the summit, Phantog from Tibet from a Tibetan expedition had reached the summit. And during a Tibet-China expedition in the leadership of Shib Chab-Chun, 14 women had reached above 7800 meters. Which should be considered as the main success for women?

Iranian Team at the Summit
The statistics after 1975 about women climbers that reached the Everest’s summit is interesting. Women who had reached the highest point of the Everest are mainly from East and South East Asia. Europeans and Asians are following them with few less ascents. Women from North America are far back in this race. First Muslim country women to reach the summit are from an Iranian expedition in 2005.
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