Struggles on Top of the World
First Map of Everest, 1858
Altitude climbing is alone an activity but the most important is to climb the highest. In the beginning of 19th century the English were still trying to discover the highest point. The discovery and the conquest of the Indian peninsula had been started as a military charge. That charge was mainly a cartographic research and in 1808 it had also aimed to discover the highest point of the earth. After 48 years in 1856 they could scientifically announce the XV.summit as the highest. That year the English commander in charge of the Indian research had named the summit with the name of the former commander. Thus “Chomolungma” the mother Goddess of the Earth was registered in the name of Sir George Everest. After this there stood three points left; to take a picture of the summit, to measure the height, and to climb to the top.

Hillary and Tenzing
In 1903 a British officer took the first clear picture of the highest point of the world. British officer, interested in photography, was sent to Tibet with a secret mission, had approached the mountain in an appropriate angle and conquered Chomolungma second time. Height of the mountain was measured as 8848 meters. However French and Americans are still trying to get the precise measurement.

To climb the summit of the highest was not easy as the other conquests. In 1885 the English announced their desire to climb the summit and they tried to reach the top with military expeditions. Trials were increased after World War II. At last one year after an unsuccessful Switzerland expedition in 1953 they reached the top. In an English expedition Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Sherpa Tenzig Norgay from Nepal had reached the summit. This was a record in mountaining and an important step in the struggle of man with mountains and altitudes but English newspapers announced this success as “Everest as the others”
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