Soldiers Without Masks: Ascents Without Oxygen Supply
Everesi without Oxygen,1978
To reach the peak of Everest which is said to be 8850 meters after last measurements, man should defeat himself as well as the high altitudes.

Above 8000 meters, it is impossible for the human body to stay alive. In the trials to climb the Everest, one of the targets is to reach the summit with your own power, without using oxygen supply. The first climbers , to reach the highest point without oxygen supply are George Mallory and Andrew Irvine who are accepted to reach above 8500 meters in 1924.After this mysterious ascent scientific research done in 1930and 1960 concluded that it is impossible to climb that high without oxygen supply.

Peter Habeler
Scientists believe that it is impossible to climb without oxygen supply because of three reasons: atmospheric pressure is too low and oxygen density is too low, respiration capacity to get the appropriate oxygen of human body is not enough, consumption of oxygen respired is not adequate.

Despite all these scientific claims, at 8 May 1978 Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler had performed the first ascent to Everest’s peak “without masks”. Both climbers completed their ascent and decent without using oxygen tubes and masks. This success questioned the capacity of man and also pointed that high altitude climbing is a special area.

Reinhold Messner
Scientific researches, repeated after this ascent had revealed that atmospheric pressure at the summit of Everest is higher than assumed, respiration capacity of man is more than assumed and the oxygen consumption can be more at the high altitudes.

After 1978 there had been nearly 120 ascents without oxygen supply. Number of trials without masks did not increase during these years but nearly 10 successful summit ascents are being done yearly.
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