People of the Altitudes
ImageEverest climb organizations are first welcomed by people and culture instead of the mountains. Geographies of the altitudes open up their gates with an intense cultural bombing. Katmandu is a favorite place not only for climbers and trekkers but also for the westerns intending to find their souls in the East.Budizm gathers people from the far countries instead of the soils it is emerged from. House of the travelers that visited Everest region is decorated with colorful authentic objects. Mountaineers while going back home take prayer flags and photograph of Sherpa boys. But far away from this touristic scenery there are other realities.

First of all people of the altitudes call the mountain as Sagarmata and Chomolungma instead of Everest. Name of this mountain with the highest point on earth in native languages is Sagarmata in Nepal and Chomolungma in China. It is named Mount Everest in the middle of 1800’s in the name of a British soldier Sir George Everest performing Indian researches.

Nepal is not only the touristic Katmandu. There is serious povertiy, ethnical, racial, classical inequalities in the country. Average income in Katmandu is 5 times more than the middle and western regions.

Image In Nepal Maoist public rebellion that started in 1996 is still going on. There is a civil war in the country.

Besides the ongoing public rebellion, in 2000 royal family members had been murdered all and the political disorderness had spread all over the country. Parliament of Nepal that has many political structures is inconsistent between monarchy and republic with the pressure of Maoist guerrillas.

Tibet, the other country that has the highest mountain as its borders, is in control of the Chinese Republic since 1950. Religous leader of the country Dalai Lama is living in India as an exile and continuing his political studies about Tibet.

In 1970 Chinese management had given the religious freedom and in the following years migration from China is encouraged.

Tibet had opened its doors to tourism in 1986. Then tourists from the west, trekkers and the climbers got the opportunity to reach Chomolungma and the environment from Tibet also.
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