Free Market Tragedy at the High Altitudes
1990’s had started a new period. Expeditions are being influenced by the commercial air all around the world. On their own or with native partners, Western entrepreneurs formed travel agencies that took their clients to the top of the world. To give the best service they employed the successful mountaineers.

1996 Tragedy
This crazy free marketing style about Everest had been questioned after a bad experience in 1996. In 1996, in the south of Everest there were two commercial expeditions aiming the summit. Leaders of the expeditions are also owners of the agencies and they were two famous mountaineers. Rob Hall from New Zealand and Scott Fisher from America were very pretentious to get their clients to the top. But Chomolungma is a high mountain, mountaineering demands work discipline and experience and above all is not appropriate for trade. At 10 May there started a heavy storm while two teams were trying the summit.5 people died because of organizational faults, and inexperience’s .Two leaders of the expeditions were also dead. In that same year 15 had lost their lives.

The tragedy of 1996 had started long lasting debates. But it didn’t decrease or affect the free marketing style at the top of the world.  
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