First Trials: "Because it is There"
In 1921 English George Mallory, directed an expedition where the main camp was under the western ridge around 5900 meters. In this expedition they examined the south cool route and named the region under Lhotse face as Western Cwn.As a result of the expedition, they decided that South Col is not appropriate for climbing because of “intransitive” Khumbu Icefall. As Nepal border was shut down till World War II, There had been no trials from this district.

Mallory and Irvine
In 1924, British expedition with George Mallory and Andrew Irvine has broken the record of rise up in the mountains. In this trial, the story of Mallory and Irvine who had reached 8573 meters became a legend. The last person, who saw them, said they were climbing up powerfully. Besides they were climbing without oxygen supply. But it was obvious that with the climbing equipment they had in 1920s they had no chance to pass the rocky routes. Body of Andrew Irvine was found in 1979 by a Chinese climber at 8150 meters. George Mallory’s body was found in an expedition organized by the Americans for that purpose

It is still a mystery, if George Mallory and Andrew Irvine had reached the summit in 1924 or not. When they asked George Mallory why does he climb the mountains, he said “because it is there” and he is still recalled with this answer.
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