First Ascent: 1953 John Hunt Expedition
1953 Expedition Team
After China got hold of Tibet’s control in 1950, to reach Everest from that region was forbidden for the western expeditions. After that date, ascent trials were made from Nepal to south face.

In 1953 a British expedition in control of John Hunt put an end to the trials to reach the summit of Everest. At 29 May 1953 Edmund Hillary, New Zealand and Sherpa Tenzig Norgay from the British team reached 8848m.Then first ascent to the summit is remembered in the name of these two. But in the struggle to reach the summit of Chomolungma there was many mountaineers who had contributions to this ascent.

Hillary and Tenzing
In the first years of 1950 Swiss had nearly reached the summit.Tenzig Norgay who reached the summit with the British, had also tried the same route with the Swiss. In 1953 ascent, there were many nameless heros.That was mainly a team work. At 26 May 1953 Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans from the team had reached a few meters below of the south peak, then from the place they had left at 28 May George Lowe, Alf Gregory and Ang Nyima had climbed up to 8500 meters, carried the load , prepared the route and builded the last camp. The day after, Norgay and Hillary followed the same route and reached the summit.
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